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Read here about urgent care news and the latest trends in the industry. This blog features information from experts in the field about urgent care EMR, software solutions, billing strategies, and clinic policies. And don’t miss our video blog series “Just Checking In.”

Oft-Muddled Marketing Metrics: NPS

Since it came into being some 14 years ago, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been among the most popular marketing metrics across customer-centric industries. For an industry like urgent care - whose profitability is tied closely to its ability to deliver an excellent...

How to Identify Lying Employees

Let’s be honest: Everybody lies. More often than not, though, they’re the harmless “white lie” variety we tell to be polite, avoid confrontation, or spare someone’s feelings. Indeed, we lie pretty much every day; One eye-opening study found that most people lie at...

[Feature Review] Tracking Board

VelociDoc® Tracking Board Feature Review One of the biggest changes coming in the 17.2 release of VelociDoc is the modernization of the tracking board. Now, this is a really cool feature because we have taken the core functionality of the tracking board that our...

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