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You may not be an expert in Urgent Care Contracting & Credentialing,
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PV Billing customers have the advantage of the only full-time team focused on urgent care contracting & credentialing across the U.S. Working with experts to complete contracting & credentialing can help you avoid costly mistakes and delays.
PV Billing’s Contracting & Credentialing team allows your urgent care practice to:

Reduce the administrative burden on your urgent care team as PV maintains your contracts, anticipates renegotiations, and completes comparative fee analyses

Tap into our longstanding payor relationships

Contract for unique aspects of urgent care including flat rates, carve-outs, referral restrictions and requirements, preauthorization, and unique code distribution/definition

Receive credentialing expertise specific to your state

The contracting & credentialing process takes time. We recommend starting 6-8 months before your scheduled opening. Our expert team helps you stay on track through the initial process and stay on top of renegotiation requirements.

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“Our prior billing company was a nightmare, so Practice Velocity has been awesome. They’re always there. There’s somebody to talk to you. Anytime you call, if you have any questions, there’s somebody live. They’re always willing to help.”

Carolyn Peterson

Clinic Operations Manager, West Side Urgent Care

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