Urgent Care Mega Trend #2: Urgent Care Franchising Losing Luster

Franchising could have some advantages in some sectors, especially if the brand is a national household name or there are no consultants that purvey the needed information and training. However, in urgent care there is no national household brand name and there are consultants (such as Urgent Care Consultants) that have helped hundreds of urgent care centers start successfully. In addition, after two years the average operator may no longer feel the need for outside help, so giving 5% (or more) of all revenue to a franchisor may seem onerous. In addition, a franchisee may wish to choose its own vendors and negotiate pricing but may be stuck with specific vendors selected by the franchisor—a franchisor that often takes a hidden royalty on the fee. For all these reasons many do not believe that the franchise model makes sense for urgent care.

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The experts with Urgent Care Consultants outline numerous factors to consider about franchising in this market. For one, franchise urgent care centers don’t have as much control over patient experience because there are usually rules about the design, look and feel of the franchise clinics. Do you want to start a practice and not have control over how it’s run?