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“You want an Urgent Care EMR that works as fast as your brain. Even in the first days of using VelociDoc software, we didn’t slow down. That’s amazing. Most physicians are unhappy with their EMR, but I’m delighted. The staff picked it up in no time, and it’s working out great for us. With VelociDoc EMR, I make 15% more revenue per patient visit.”

– Wayne Sebastiano, MD
Glendale Family Medicine

“We really always really liked the VelociDoc product…But so we left and we went with DocuTap. And we were just not happy with their services in terms of the software, the billing. It’s just really not what we liked. And so we contacted Dr. Stern directly, and he was very concerned that we had left and really wanted us to come back and so we talked to him for quite a while and we looked at the product again and the new editions are just wonderful. The improvements look great, the updates are great and so we are pretty happy to come back.”

– Cliff Wagner, MD
Premier Urgent Care

“There were about 5 companies that I researched pretty thoroughly… What really sealed it for me was that I could reach out to you and I had someone live at the end of the phone. Some of the other companies I would call and I might get a response in a day maybe two days…but when I called Practice Velocity…I am able to speak with someone live. If that particular person does not have the answer… which is very seldom…Then I am immediately directed to someone who can help me and that question is resolved that phone call 90% of the time or more.”

– Fletcher Shoemaker, NP
Best Med Urgent Care

#1 Rated Urgent Care EMR

Practice Velocity® offers the #1 ranked EMR, integrated with an urgent care-specific practice management software and the largest billing services company in urgent care. VelociDoc is the best urgent care software in the industry for speed, ease of use and functionality. See why ours is the top-rated EMR for urgent care and occupational medicine.

Urgent Care EMR Demo - VelociDoc®

Urgent Care Billing Services

The most experienced, knowledgeable billing specialists in the urgent care industry can take your collections to the next level! We work the system harder and provide end-to-end revenue cycle management.

Urgent Care Startup Consulting

Need an expert to guide you in the development of your urgent care? We can help you start your Urgent Care. With over 170 startups to our credit, been there, done that.