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Drake DuBois

Systems Administrator Lead

Drake DuBois - Systems Administrator Lead

Video Transcript

My name is Drake DuBois. I’m a Systems Administrator Team Lead here at Practice Velocity. I’ve worked here for four years now. My team is responsible for maintaining the production, development, and system test environments.

So, the part that makes our job important is we maintain the servers and the hardware that the customers connect to. So, all of our internal and external customers – we make sure that their servers are up and running and performing as they should, as well as their data remains secure on our network.

My team is actually – we’re kind of a close-knit group of guys. We’re all pretty close to each other. We like to joke around, have fun. But at the same time, we are very good about bouncing ideas off of each other. If one of us runs into an issue we’re always talking to the other team members, seeing if there’s a better way to come up with a solution to solve that problem.

I grew up near Peoria, Illinois. I have a wife and three kids – two daughters and a son. That pretty much takes up all of my free time. But I like to do stuff outdoors and when I do get the free time I like to go kayaking on the Kishwaukee River.

I like working at Practice Velocity here because everybody is very friendly, but we also stay very technology forward, meaning we’re always looking for the newer and better things to provide to our customers.

Adam Jennison

Director of Customer Support

Adam Jennison - Director of Customer Support

Video Transcript

When a client comes on – if they are unaware of all of the features and functionality and all of the things that our software can do for them to help their business, they’re going to be missing out. And they might be missing out on revenue. They might be struggling to get patients in and out in the time frame that they’re looking for. They may be spending time on things that they don’t necessarily have to do just because they’re not aware of the things that our software is able to do for them.

My name is Adam Jennison. I’m our Director of Software Support, and what I do at Practice Velocity is manage our Client Services Team. When we have a new client who is on-boarding – as soon as you finish up with the sales process – that client is then handed off to my team to do the software implementation. So, we do the initial configuration and setup of the Practice Velocity software and ensure that our clients are prepared for success on their first day of going live with the software, whether that’s opening up a new clinic or just beginning to use the Practice Velocity EMR and Practice Management software for the first time.

Additionally, the Customer Support Team that is going to be handling the client relationship for the lifetime of their tenure with Practice Velocity also rolls up under me. And they are primarily responsible for answering our support line which is available from 7 in the morning to 11pm every day. Anybody who emails in, anybody who calls in, anybody who reaches out to us through our website – any means of contacting Practice Velocity – it’s the Customer Support Team that’s going to review any issues they might be having and reach out and make sure that you’re as satisfied as you possibly can be with the software. And they’re a great bunch of people, and they’re actually really a lot of fun to talk to. And our clients tend to really enjoy calling us.

So, I originally grew up in the San Francisco Bay area; spent the first twenty-odd years of my life out there; the graduate of San Jose State University. Ended up moving to Chicago almost a decade ago for a job, and then met a girl out here, and then one thing led to another. Now I’m married and living in her hometown here in Rockford. I love to cook, and if I can brag about myself a little – I am very good at it. To me, cooking is my art form. It’s my creative expression. It’s a little cheesy, but an empty pan is my blank canvas. I really like the science aspect of cooking, and kind of that understanding of how certain techniques end up affecting the flavor of your food.

So, the coolest thing to me about PV is really our commitment to the culture. So, I’ve been in a lot of other startups that have done cool things, that have had beer Fridays, that have had pizza parties every week; but it ends there. They just want to be able to, during the recruiting process say, “Hey, yeah. We do all this stuff. At 3 o’clock on Friday we bring the beer cart around and everyone can have a beer or two at the end of the day.” But it doesn’t really end up doing anything for the cohesiveness of the team or to create a lasting culture within the company. But PV is unique in that we’re really committed to culture here. We live and we breathe it. We have our values and it’s not just a list of statements that we write on a white board in leadership and then never talk about again. We talk about them every day. When we have decisions that are made, we frame them up in terms of how what we’re doing is supporting those values. And it’s that commitment and that dedication to those values. And really leading by example and exhibiting those values ourselves and expecting everyone else to exhibit those values as well; and hold people accountable when they don’t. And so, to me that’s the coolest thing about PV that will stick with me forever no matter what I do in my future, which I hope is long here. But it’s forever changed my management philosophies to see that kind of dedication to culture, which is awesome.

Olivia Primeaux

Embedded Tester

Olivia Primeaux - Embedded Tester

Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Olivia Primeaux. I am an Embedded Tester for the VelociDoc team, and what that means is I test our software to ensure that the functionality and the visual appeal is what the clients are looking for. We really want to catch as many bugs as possible before it goes out into production.

I love how we have potlucks and we have spirit weeks, and you can wear the sports apparel on Fridays, making it very relaxed environment. I also love how it’s very family oriented. We have the family picnics and Santa comes to visit, and the Easter bunny – all that kind of stuff makes it great to bring your children here.

I am an outdoorsy person, especially in the summertime. I’m a camper. I love bonfires, boating, fishing. My family – we love amusement parks, so we go to fairs and Great America and that kind of stuff.

I work with a really good group of people. They make it fun and exciting when you come in here. Even though we all have such different roles, at the end we all have the best interests of the client in mind. And you know, we all come from different walks of life, but in the end, with the culture here and how we all work together, it’s a winning company.

Teri Swanson

Senior Project Manager, Support

Teri Swanson - Senior Project Manager, Support

Video Transcript

My name is Teri Swanson. I work in Software Support and I’m a Project Manager. I’ve actually had a couple of clinics go live recently. They’re new clinics and the biggest stress factor is just knowing the software and being able to use it the way it should be used. They need to know that they can come to me with any questions they have. And please – some clients don’t ask the question right away because they don’t want to bother me; they don’t want to bother us. We want to be bothered. That is our job. We want them comfortable in what they’re doing. If they have a question about anything, that’s what we’re there for.

My husband I actually met in 1996. I met him on the softball diamond. He actually was in IT at the time, and now he’s a Global Infrastructure Manager and he knows networking and has helped us because of software support. So, we had softball and we had IT experience together. We’ll be married twenty years in a little bit – next year actually. It’s been nineteen years. But we’ve been playing softball together and our kids play softball and baseball. I actually umpired for eight years for slow pitch softball for USSSA. I grew up in Machesney Park. Practice Velocity is in a mall, and in ’85 and ’86 – I’m kind of aging myself here – but I used to work here in the mall. I used to work at Learner and I used to work at Music Land. And now I’ve come full circle, and now I’m back here at the mall again. And I used to ride my bike here. It is fantastic to return to the mall – yes.

Oh, I love my team. Awesome team. Awesome team. I love my team. I’ve never worked with a better group of people, even this whole company – Development, Marketing, Software Support, Billing – I’ve never worked with such great people ever in my life. There’s a family aspect here that we all take care of each other, and if someone drops the ball, the other one picks it up. And that’s what’s for the clients. You know, the standard is team player. We’re all a team. We’re all playing on the same team for Practice Velocity.

Kim Garnette

Business Development Manager

Kim Garnette - Business Development Manager
Video Transcript...Coming Soon!

Shelli Hall

Billing Support Specialist

Shelli Hall - Implementation Project Manager
Video Transcript

A lot of people don’t realize that support can make or break a company, and we strive in our department to share knowledge and be the best that we can be so Practice Velocity can be the best that they can be. My name is Shelli Hall and I am an Implementation Project Manager for software support. And what I do here is basically build practices from the beginning to end, consistently support them. I also build a relationship with the client so that they can be successful in their business, and just maintain them throughout the course of being a client with Practice Velocity.

Training is actually very, very important for our clients, especially with us doing upgrades consistently. It actually gives them the knowledge to use our system so that they can do the best quality care possible to get patients out the door as quickly as possible with accurate diagnoses, procedures, and things like that. And if they get the clients out faster and give them good quality care, then patients are more likely to come back.

Shelli Hall is person that loves to take care of everybody basically. I’m married. I have two grown boys – one lives in Vegas. I have two young grandsons. And my mom – I love my mom and my family, so I’m the one who tries to get everybody together to do holidays and family reunions and things like that. I love to watch movies, so I’m a movie buff – Madeas movies are my favorite. So I collect a lot of movies. I do like to work out and exercise, so me and my husband try to do that a lot. And I like to go shopping with him; he’s the shopper, not me.

Well, I’ve taught at Rockford Memorial. I used to teach the elderly how to use a computer system for the first time. Kids just dump the computer on them and say, “Here you go.” And I actually had to teach some staff, so I actually got a kick out of that. I really thought the elderly was going to be the harder ones, but they were actually the fun ones to teach. And I’ve taught husband, kids how to use computers. I mean, I just love to share my knowledge. Any knowledge that I have I love to give.

Heather Anderson

Billing Team Captain

Heather Anderson - Billing Team Captain
Video Transcript

My name is Heather Anderson. I’m the captain of one of our Medical Billing Teams, and we bill out the visits to the insurance company, post the payments that come in, drop any money to the patients that need to be, and collect any money that could be missing.

In my spare time I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. They are the most important to me. They’ve been there with me through a lot of struggles. I can always count on them. I’m also an animal lover. I have a puppy that I got a few months ago; her name is Nugget. She is a Pit-bull/Boxer mix, fully of plenty of energy, and it’s very hard to wear her out to get her to calm down. We also have a Chihuahua and two cats.

A good billing team is a team that can work quickly because the faster we bill out the claims for our clients, the faster our clients are going to get paid, and the faster we can find any issues that there may be. Some insurance companies have a limit of the amount of time that you can send in a claim, so we want to make sure that we’re on top of that as well.

My style – I’m very laid back. I love to laugh and love to joke. I can be serious when I need to be, but most of the time if you see me I will have a smile on my face or smile at anybody just walking down the hall.

I will tell you my absolute favorite thing about Practice Velocity is working as a team. Everyone working together with one goal, which is to provide excellent service to our clients. The other thing I like is the relaxed atmosphere where it’s very casual, and when people are more comfortable they work better, they work faster, and they’re more accurate. Our whole focus is our clients to ensure that they don’t have any struggles or any issues. As we know, their money is invested in their clinic, and they deserved to be paid for the services they’re providing.

Chris Gray

Billing Support Specialist

Chris Gray - Billing Support Specialist
Video Transcript

I’ve been with Practice Velocity since the inception, so I feel very comfortable with the processes here, and the product. I’m Chris Gray; I’m a Billing Support Specialist here at Practice Velocity. I work with our billing clients here. I work with them from the beginning, before they even open up their doors, and then transition them through, and continually keep in contact with them to help with any billing questions. I’ve done all – many – different jobs here, so I can hit different areas that they might have questions on. I’m very open. I try to make them feel comfortable with me. I just want to have a good rapport with them just so that they feel comfortable to always feel free to call me.

I just had a recent episode where I was ill, and they sent me flowers, and that just made my day just because I know that they appreciate me and it works. It just works together.

I’m born and raised in Wisconsin. I love to travel nationally and internationally. I do it as much as I can. Being firstborn American into my family I go to Europe quite a bit. I’ll go back there every other year. For me, it’s about the culture. We hosted ten foreign exchange students over the years, and I just love learning about cultures and visiting those places and it’s just one of my favorite things to do.

Nothing better to see when I start with a client and then to help them work toward a successful clinic. And I treat it like if I would be the owner and how I’d want to be treated. And I just love seeing them succeed, and I just always want to be there to help them be successful.

Jack O'Connor

Support Specialist

Jack O'Connor - Support Specialist
Video Transcript

I’m Jack O’Connor and I’m a Support Specialist. I answer calls for our clients in helping them with the computer issues they might be having with the software. I started off working for a company called APAC; they do customer service for third-party clients. So I did that, and then I saw an ad online for APV. I applied for it. I went through the initial interview process. And then I got in. I started as a Phone Representative here and took care of our clients’ patients. And then from there moved up to Support Specialist.

I can’t say perks aren’t a positive, but it’s the work ethic and the teammates working with you, yes, that is the major thing that I like here. It’s a team environment, so we work with our teammates to make the goal complete. So it’s not just me, it’s everybody involved in the process.

Well, originally I am from Byron, Illinois; and then I have been – I lived in Colorado Springs for a little while; and then I moved back here for family.

Well, Jack O’Connor is a writer, if I’ve talked myself in third person. He’s working on his sixth novel, and he’s also a big gamer. So he plays PlayStation 4 and PC games, so that’s what I do.

Well, a value system is important to me because it really gives me a base of what I need to follow in, and a guideline to follow as well. Not only that, but the fact that the company actually lives their values is important to me as well, which we definitely do. So that’s what keeps me here.

Well, Practice Velocity is definitely a different kind of company. It really shows that it cares for its employees, not only by informing us about things that happen or are going to happen, but also making sure that we have a good environment to be successful.

Laura O'Connor

Executive Assistant for COO

Laura O'Connor - Employee Showcase
Video Transcript

It is exciting for me to be here, and I want other people to be excited as well. My name is Laura O’Connor. I’m the Executive Assistant for Monica Klosa, who’s the COO for our Billing Department at Practice Velocity. What I do here is I support the COO, the Billing Department, and our Billing Managers. It’s a very flexible job. I have a lot of different responsibilities, and that’s the thing that I like most about my position here.

I’m definitely a rallyer for Practice Velocity, period. The excitement when you just even walk into our building, the brightness of it, the energy – the positive energy – that you feel, it enlightens me to be more positive. The joke around my pod is, Dick Gorman says that he can always tell when I’m in the building because then the energy level goes up a couple notches – and the loudness.

The major thing I like to do is hang out with my family. Football’s a big deal in my house. Green Bay Packers, because I’m from Stevens Point, Wisconsin has kind of been embedded in my family. I also have a three-wheel bicycle that I like to ride on the weekends. After a couple adult beverages my horn gets loud, I throw my Chihuahua in the back, and it’s game on. So that’s a lot of fun to me too.

What’s the Chihuahua’s name?

Chica. She was a rescue from Blackhawk Island. They had over twelve Chihuahuas, and I was initially just going to foster her, but after a couple of dog beds, three dog sweaters, I was in deep and I just kept her.

The things that I like best about Practice Velocity and what has really glued it for me as the place that I really want to retire and finish out my career at Practice Velocity are many things. It’s the positive energy, the brightness of our building, the camaraderie of all the employees. I recently came in to an inheritance where I was thinking about taking a couple years off, but I selfishly do not want to give up my position here because I don’t want anyone else to be able to have that position. I don’t want to miss out on anything that’s going on here at Practice Velocity; the Wednesday lunches, TGI Friday’s, Heart of a Leader – what a gift that our owner has given to us. These are the things that I don’t want to miss out on and I’m excited to see the future and where Practice Velocity is going also.

Henry Happ

Lead Software Engineer, PVM

Henry Happ - Lead Software Engineer, PVM
Video Transcript

Staying on top of what current trends are for the software that we’re developing is absolutely important because if we’re not meeting the needs of the customers, if we’re not anticipating what those needs are, then the customer doesn’t win. We end up losing as a company overall. So being efficient, being quick to market are very important aspects.

My name is Henry Happ. I’m the Lead Software Engineer for the PVM team. As the lead it’s my responsibility is primarily helping the team stay organized, stay focused. I’m the gatekeeper for code check-ins, as in that’s one of my primary roles is ensuring code qualities, ensuring completeness prior to the code getting merged into our code base.

I think our clients, what they’re looking for are, one – stability and speed primarily, and features. Obviously they’re looking to be able to enhance their workflow, to make their work as efficient as possible, and that’s part of what we’re trying to do as well is to meet the needs and meet the desires to help them do their job more efficiently.

I’ve taken up roasting coffee recently, so I enjoy coffee. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, and so I roast my own beans that I buy offline. I enjoy motorcycling as well. I try to do that as much as I can with friends of mine. And then enjoying family time with my wife, my youngest daughter, and my older daughters – I have two married daughters and a ten-year-old at home. So, spending good time with the family, getting out, hiking, whatever; we enjoy that as well.

For me, the team I work with is a lot of fun. I enjoy working with everybody on the team. It’s very cooperative, very collaborative, and that’s what I like. I like that aspect of things. There is a real sense of team, a real sense of unity.

I think the developers have to have the can-do attitude that we can do this. Sometimes it’s a struggle trying to get things done, trying to, you know, complete a feature, or an enhancement request; but the attitude that we can get it done, that we can do it as well, as good as we can, or as best as we can – that’s – you know, and another attitude is not just to get things done, but can I do it as well as I possibly can?

Kristen Williams

Contract Specialist

Kristen Williams - Employee Showcase
Video Transcript

My name is Kristen Williams and I am a Contract Specialist at Practice Velocity, part of the Contracting and Credentialing Team. Overall, we work with provider groups to help them create a binding relationship with insurance carriers to ultimately help them get reimbursed for their services.

I’m from a small town about twenty minutes from here. It’s called Poplar Grove. I only had sixty-eight people in my graduating class. I played softball in high school. I met my husband at my previous employer. Outside of work I just like to spend time with my family. I have a niece and nephew who are pretty involved with sports. My niece is in volleyball and my nephew plays basketball and baseball, so I try to attend their events as much as I can. I’m not a city girl. I don’t ever envision moving out to a big city, and I don’t ever imagine moving far away from my family either.

I think Practice Velocity is just a good company to choose if you’re seeking to open an urgent care center. Just collectively, all of the experience every team has can help them succeed in their business.

JT Peterson

Contract Support Specialist

JT Peterson - Contract Support Specialist
Video Transcript

On the contracts every letter has to be correct, according to the tax ID, the W9 – everything has to be 100% accurate.

My name’s JT Peterson. I work in the Contracting Department as a Contract Support Rep. That means I do all the data entry for our new clients. I do all the demographic updates for any existing groups. I do EFT enrollment for all of our groups. I do a lot of the dirty work on contracts when updates need to be made. So if there’s a misspelling, or if the client changes the name, they change their NPI or tax ID for some reason, we have to go in and update that with all the payers, and that’s mostly my job.

I’ve been in the Army Reserves for just over seven years now. I’m in an army band in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so we do all the parades, all the ceremonies, all the things that you’ll see on TV for bandsmen; that’s us playing our instruments.

I’m born and raised in Winnebago, Illinois. Well, I guess I was born in Rockford, moved to Winnebago when I was a young child. So we’re a small town outside of Rockford, and I took a lot of that to heart. Definitely not a redneck, but I do have a lot of the hard work mentality of a country boy, I guess. I used to work on farms. With a small community everybody knows everything, so you always have to keep out of trouble because your parents are always going to find out. Your parents know exactly how you’re doing in school, so you have to keep up with everything. The way my parents raised me and that small community definitely made me reliable and trustworthy and honest.

Heather Dall-Rothermel

Senior Contract Specialist

Heather Dall-Rothermel - Employee Showcase
Video Transcript

I really enjoy educating providers and business owners about what contracting and credentialing is. I also really enjoy negotiating. That’s really fun to me. So really trying to maximize the reimbursement that our clients get, obviously that’s a huge win for them.

So my name is Heather Rothermel. I am the Senior Contract Specialist on the Contracting and Credentialing Team. My primary role is to review all of the insurance contracts that we get for our clients, to make sure that the language and reimbursement is fair for what we know on their market. So, basically what I do is, I read the contracts and make sure there’s nothing egregious that would be included, like a lengthy term where they’re stuck in a contract for years and years and years. And we want to make sure that they’re being paid fairly for their services, and luckily, we have experience in most states, so we’re able to really understand what the market should be so that they are being paid for what they deserve for the services they’re providing to their communities.

The thing that I really love about Practice Velocity is this is essentially my family-away-from-my-family, and that extends to the clients that I work with on a day-to-day basis. I really enjoy the relationships that I’ve built here. It also certainly doesn’t hurt, all of the perks that Practice Velocity extends to my real family. Whether it’s the cookouts, or the picnics, or all the different activities for my kids, it’s just a really nice feeling to know that I’m valued and also, it’s important to them the time that I’m able to spend with my family. They incorporate that into, you know, our kind of work environment.

So, outside of Practice Velocity, the things that I really enjoy doing are spending time with my family. I have four kids, under the age of ten and under. We are an avid St. Louis Cardinals family. Woo hoo! Go Cardinals! I did work at Walt Disney World for an amount of time. I was an intern with their college program, and I was there for part of a year. At my time at Disney I was a Spanish language translator and I learned a lot about guest service relations. They have one of the, you know, highest ranked guest service programs in the world.

I think it’s important for clients to realize that when they are joining the Practice Velocity team, we are very much a team with them. So their success is our success, and I very much pride myself in knowing that our clients are successful in what they’re doing, that they are happy in what they’re doing, and that this business that they’re growing is really thriving. That’s an awesome feeling, and that’s something that we definitely share with our clients.

Rashon Rose

Support Specialist

Rashon Rose - Employee Showcase
Video Transcript

You know, honestly, I love working here at Practice Velocity. It’s something that I never thought I’d get into, to be honest with you. I worked in restaurants my whole life. Customer service is big for me, technical side wasn’t. So this was kind of a surprise career choice for me and I appreciate them having me on board.

My name is Rashon Rose. I work in Software Support here at Practice Velocity. I troubleshoot computers and software. That’s basically what I do all day. Clients call me up. They got problems and we go in and we kind of fix it. I like the fact that when I leave here, I know that I’ve moved something forward. It’s not like I’m doing the same job over and over and over again. I think it shows in my work. I think it shows over the phone, the fact that I’ll call a customer back, you know, repeatedly, and let them know even if I don’t have any new news for them. Just let them know that I’m still thinking about them and I still care and that, you know, we’re going to get this resolved. That might not be today, but we’re definitely working on it. You guys aren’t forgotten.

PV definitely takes care of us and, I mean, we see that, you know, with our bonuses. We see that with events and outings they set up for us. We see that with, you know, just simple things, like they feed us on Wednesdays. So they make sure that we’re happy, and the fact that we’re happy, working here at PV, shows through to our customers.

I mean, if I had to sum up my life, you know, it would be summed up within my sons and that’s very important to me. And that’s very important to me too that they see I work someplace – I’m working somewhere that I enjoy because I feel that, if you’re not doing something that you enjoy, then what’s the point of doing it?

Chris Hoffman

Lead Software Engineer

Chris Hoffman - Employee Showcase
Video Transcript

It’s a natural thing to constantly want to see if there’s something out there that’s better, so we constantly have to be making our product better, faster, given the more features. My name’s Christ Hoffman. I am a Lead Software Engineer. That just means I’m in lead – in charge of leading one of the teams here on all of our products that we have for Practice Velocity.

We have governmental regulations that we have to conform with. We have a lot of pressure from our customers to integrate with all of these other vendors, third parties, health exchanges. And so we constantly have to be updating our software to make sure that we’re staying current and on top of things, and beating our competitors to the punch.

Pretty much, we’ve got the cream of the crop here in town. If you ask anyone – I’ve got a lot of friends out there that are developers in the community – and I tell them I work at Practice Velocity, and I’ve had many of them come up and say to me, “Oh yeah, you just hired away a guy that we had.” And, “This is the place to work.” And the beauty about that is that you get to work with the best people in the field. A lot of smart guys, a lot of smart women that are just tops of their field and it’s just a joy to come into work and get to work with that caliber of people.

Yeah, I’m a Scuba Instructor. That’s where I met my wife. I was a Scuba Instructor on her cruise ship. So I was working on a cruise ship twenty-something years ago when I met my wife. I am on a swim team, so I swim, and in the summer we go on competitions – open-water races. I swim about 15,000 yards a week.

If a client is looking, I can honestly say we have the smartest people in the industry. We have – Dr. Stern knows what Doctors and what people are looking for because he was a Doctor working in an urgent care clinic. So it’s not some CEO that’s in his ivory tower, or has never used the software. He used the software and he built it because he had a need to fill and he was that Doctor, seeing those patients in those clinics. And so the software is built for them for that reason. So we definitely know what Doctors and Nurses and PA’s are looking for when it comes to seeing patients in a clinic.

Linda Gumm

Billing Manager

Linda Gumm - Employee Showcase
Video Transcript

Well it’s great to have routine phone calls with some of our clients, and I enjoy being able to help them. I love being able to resolve any problems that they might have because we want our clients to win. That’s what we do at Practice Velocity.

I’m Linda Gumm. I’m one of the Billing Managers at Practice Velocity Billing and I help oversee different teams within our billing department and work with my team of other managers to give support to our clients as well. I actually started at Physicians Immediate Care and when Practice Velocity came into its inception, I was part of that process of helping with the software and answering questions what billers might need.

I am really involved at my church. I do a lot of service there. I play the organ – or keyboard. I direct some choirs. I serve on lots of different committees. I’ve been married for thirty-six years and we have thirteen grandchildren.

I believe that there is none other than the environment at Practice Velocity, so that stands alone in itself. But then assisting and working our clients, that’s why we’re here. That’s what we do. So, obviously, that’s at the top of our list. We want our clients to win.

Kristina Flores


Kristina Flores - Employee Showcase
Video Transcript

Training’s really important because that sets the success of the clinic itself. If your front desk people do not have the skills or knowledge that they need to use the software, you can end up having trouble financially. You can have customer dissatisfaction. Your clinic needs to work as a well-oiled machine and software is a really key part of that workflow.

My name’s Kristina Flores and I am a product owner here at Practice Velocity. Kind of the simplest way to describe what I do is, I design products and features based off of customer needs or industry needs or requirements. And then I work with the development team to make sure that the specifications for those products are completed.

I have a unique story here. So I started out at the company as one of our quality assurance clerks. Worked there for about six months and I moved over into our support team. While I was in the support team, I was there for about six years; started as a call representative. Then moved into account manager. Then I started the training portion for clients. So I trained the clients on how to use the system. One of the big things I focus on when I’m working on training with clients is helping them to identify ways to make the software work for them, not have to make them work around our software.

I have four kids, so that means we have a lot of extra-curricular activities. I’ve been a girl scout mom, a football mom, a baseball mom, a basketball mom, a theater mom just running all over the place. In addition to being a mom, I like to read a lot. I like to read murder mysteries, period – historical fiction, particularly the 1800s and England. I would love to travel. I like to travel with work. I don’t get to do it so much at home. But really my main focus is my children.

I’ve been known to answer emails on the weekend, during the holidays. I’ve done trainings early in the morning. I’ve done trainings late at night, on the weekends. I mean, I really have always expressed to the clients, you know, their needs are the most important and our clients are open not in that 8-5. They’re open all the time. So I’ve made sure that I’ve been available for them when I can meet their needs, not just when my needs need to be met.

Salvadore Lancaster

Database Administrator

Salvadore Lancaster - Employee Showcase
Video Transcript

My name is Salvadore Lancaster. I am the company’s database administrator. My responsibility is to make sure that the company’s data is always secure, that it’s always available, and that it is performant. The sensitivity of the data we manage is very critical. We cannot make a mistake. We must ensure that every time we’re managing records, we see somebody behind those records. And we’re treating them just the way that we would like our own information – our own private information – to be treated.

I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. I used to run, believe it or not. I used to run. It’s been two years that I have not run. As a matter of fact, I was really excited to come here just because I wanted to run the Chicago’s marathon. But my daughter was born and then we just got lazy, really. That’s what happened. I’ve been in computers all my life. Like the first time my brought a computer to his office, I wanted to get my hands on it. So basically since the first version of Windows or DOS, I’ve been playing with it. I have a degree in software engineering and I also have a Master’s degree in information technology management.

It’s been quite a good experience. I have learned a lot. I also have had the opportunity to expose myself to new technologies; new ways of doing things. I also enjoy the culture a lot. The moment I walked into the building, I realized where I was. Like you can tell by the way people behave; the way the environment is designed. Pretty much it was very different than any other places that I’ve been to.

All in all, it is very important to work in a place that does not see you like an object; like a means to get a goal, but more as a human that has needs and that, if you empower that human, then you are going to get more. You’re not only going to get the result that you wanted, but the human will actually look into making it better with their own creativity and ideas.

Clients are the core of our business. We have to look into every single aspect and the way that we do will impact them. So that we’re making sure that every effort is actually aligned to what they want. So, in that sense, everyone has their own little piece of the big puzzle, and if we’re not all together, looking at the same way, then the puzzle at the end will not be one, but many.