Practice Velocity is now

Employer Portal

Easy access to employee test results, reports, and more.

To support your Occupational Medicine program, Practice Velocity’s integrated electronic medical record and practice management system offers an Employer Portal add-on designed to facilitate occupational medicine services delivered through urgent care centers. Not only does the PV Employer Portal improve client service and reduce administrative time, but its robust functionality gives your center a competitive advantage when selling Occ Med services in your community.

Gone are the days of staff handling endless amounts of paperwork, playing phone tag with employers, and spending time responding to numerous company inquiries. Now, providing Occ Med services is easy and efficient. Whether it’s pre-employment and compliance physicals, drug screens, or worker’s compensation injury cases, Employer Portal will help give companies better access to important documents, provide visibility into an employee’s Occ Med visit, and significantly reduce excess waste.


  • Streamline communication between the clinic and employer
  • Reduce administrative time spent responding to inquiries, saving time and money
  • Provide accessibility to review and track employee visits
  • Improve customer service and gain a competitive advantage in selling Occ Med services.

Competitive Advantage

Providing Occ Med services to local employers can be a great source of revenue, but can also lead to frustrations for both the employer and urgent care staff. Handling the expectations of employers and the bandwidth of staff members can be difficult to balance.  

The PV Employer Portal add-on offers many advantages for employers, most importantly accessibility to documents. The portal allows employers to quickly view and print documents, such as Company Medical Record and Work Status, without having to call or email anyone from your urgent care center. Employers can also easily see when an employee visited your urgent care, know what services were performed, and receive email notifications when documents have been uploaded to the portal. This is especially helpful for a client with a large employee base that utilizes your center for Occ Med services, as this increases convenience, manageability, and efficiency for the employer.

So what does all this mean for your urgent care staff? Reduction in wasted time and resources.

Staff can upload all documents and important information to the portal, which means they will spend less time calling, faxing, and emailing employers, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Ready to add Employer Portal to your urgent care center?