Practice Velocity is now


The only urgent care specific electronic patient registration system.

eRegistration was created with your staff in mind. Say goodbye to paper registration forms, scanning patient documents, and time spent on data entry. With PV’s electronic registration system, everything is documented electronically and flows directly into PV’s practice management tool and EMR. Your front office and clinical staff can spend less time on routine tasks like data entry and more time focused on patient care.


  • Allow patients to register online before entering your clinic
  • Speed up workflows by decreasing time spent on data entry and document scanning
  • Keep patient medical history up to date while cutting back on information errors
  • Patient data is pre-populated into PV’s practice management and EMR

When a patient walks into your urgent care, getting them fully registered takes time and resources, and can inadvertently result in patient information errors. We’ve created a streamlined registration process that prompts the patient to enter personal and demographic information, medical history, symptoms, and insurance information and sign consent forms from the convenience of a tablet. Front office staff will spend 60% less time verifying patient information and entering data, as everything from eRegistration auto-populates into PVM.

Patients can also access eRegistration online from home or work before ever entering your clinic! This allows patients to spend less time in your waiting room completing forms and documentation. As an added benefit, records are stored so return patients can quickly confirm their information and be fully registered in 2 minutes if they don’t have any major changes to their health history since their previous visit.

The time that patients spend with the provider is valuable, and with eRegistration clinical staff can spend more time focused on patient treatment and less time entering medical history and symptoms. Because all data from eRegistration flows directly into our EMR, clinical staff will already know what brought the patient to your center and can begin assessment right away. Clinical staff will be able to quickly confirm symptoms and medical history, reducing documentation by 75%.


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