Hit fast-forward on patient check-in

Get your patients in and out of your urgent care center faster than ever – without sacrificing quality of care – with Practice Velocity’s eRegistration system. Patients can use eRegistration to check in online and fill out their information so they spend less time in the waiting room and more time with your provider. All your front desk staff has to do is review and verify the information – no paper required!

Wait room times

Shorten waiting room times

Speed up work flows

Speed up work flows

Task List

Reduce document scanning

Competitive Advantage

Keep patient medical histories up-to-date

Cutdown Patient Errors

Cut down on patient information errors

Patient Medical History

Keep patient medications current

Have the peace of mind that your patient data is up-to-date since it’s entered by your patients and double-checked by your staff. The eRegistration process can be completed online and/or in the waiting room of your urgent care center on a tablet PC. Your wait times will drop while your patient satisfaction will be higher than ever. Hit fast-forward on your patient check-in process today with our eRegistration system.

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