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Finding The Right Urgent Care EMR

Urgent Care Hawaii

Business Problem

Within one year of implementing an urgent care EMR with customizable templates as its focus, Donna Schmidt knew the system would not meet the needs of her urgent care center. Providers didn’t have time to construct custom templates. She needed a fast, easy EMR that could standardize documentation, improve accuracy and increase productivity.


Donna Schmidt


Urgent Care Hawaii, Pearl City, HI
Switched to Practice Velocity June 2013


  • VelociDoc® EMR
  • PVMsm Practice Management
  • ZipPass


  • Successful implementation of a fast, easy urgent care EMR
  • Increased provider satisfaction and productivity
  • Improved documentation speed, accuracy and workflow
  • Higher quality patient care and customer service

Evaluating Software

With her desire to fill the unmet needs for healthcare in her community, Donna Schmidt, CEO, decided to start an urgent care center to Pearl City, HI. Planning began in 2009 when she researched EMRs and participated in software demonstrations. “I had a learning curve as a new company and as someone who is not a physician venturing into the urgent care business,” said Schmidt. “I was seriously considering three EMRs and I went with something that I thought was the whole package and would save money, but it did not pay off the way I had hoped.”

In the early stages, Schmidt considered an EMR from a locally owned business, but the software was not urgent care specific and wouldn’t have met the urgent care center’s need for high efficiency. Schmidt chose to implement a well known urgent care system. “We were really impressed with the ability to customize templates,” said Schmidt. “However, the customization required providers to make the templates on their own time or between patient visits. I found out very quickly that templates were cumbersome to construct and customizing templates was much more work than advertised.”

After a year, Schmidt moved to VelociDoc® EMR which features fast chief-complaint-driven templates and easy point and click documentation. “My provider satisfaction leapt up and productivity really excelled,” she said. With just 12 hours of training, providers were able to comfortably navigate the software and everyone agreed that VelociDoc® was a much better EMR for their urgent care center.

“The customizable templates in the urgent care EMR that I started with did not give promised benefits. I regret that I didn’t start with Practice Velocity, but I’m very glad we switched when we did.”

— Donna Schmidt, CEO, Urgent Care Hawaii

Faster Workflow

Improvements in workflow were clear as the providers, who see about 55 patients per day, reduced their workflow to an average of 48 minutes. With Practice Velocity’s EMR, patients were in and out of the urgent care center in less than an hour and charts were completed, coded and ready to be billed. “VelociDoc® allows me to better evaluate procedures, costs and provider performance,” said Schmidt. “Practice Velocity gave us the EMR our providers needed to do the best work that they could do.”

Better Reporting

Results were not limited to improvements on the clinical side, but also with the administrative aspects of practice management. “The transparency that Practice Velocity gives to business performance is so powerful,” said Schmidt. PVM Practice Management is fully integrated with VelociDoc® and streamlines day-to-day operations. “The financial analytics, reporting and batch work that I can create are critical features I use,” she said. “I can see what’s going on in my business and make adjustments very quickly.”

Support to Expand

Practice Velocity’s expert technical support team is accessible daily to help make clinic operations even more seamless. “Any time we need support, they are responsive. I’ve never had a time when we have called and could not get through or get the answer we needed,” she said.

Urgent Care Hawaii utilizes PVM and VelociDoc®’s integrated call list feature to aid in delivery of continuity of care. “Our customers love when we call them back, they appreciate the personal touch. The software makes it easy to do the calls and document them,” said Schmidt.

Equipped with the proven solutions from Practice Velocity, Schmidt plans to open additional locations in Hawaii.

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