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From frustration to freedom with VelociDoc®

Westbank Urgent Care

Business Problem

Fed up with an EMR that was too slow and difficult to use, Dr. Mehaffie sought out a fast, reliable EMR that would be easier to operate and would improve documentation, coding and practice management. In Practice Velocity, he found an urgent care EMR company with a great system and optimal customer service.


Doug Mehaffie, MD


The Urgent Care, Gretna, LA
Switched to Practice Velocity October 2011


  • VelociDoc® EMR
  • PVMsm Practice Management
  • Integrated Telecheck
  • Preauthorized Payment


  • Successful implementation of a fast, easy urgent care EMR
  • Improved documentation, reporting, and practice management
  • Increased collections and patient visits
  • Clinic expansion
  • HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance
  • Better access to live customer service

Finding the Best Urgent Care EMR

Post Hurricane Katrina, Douglas Mehaffie, MD needed an EMR solution that could keep up with the demands of urgent care and meet Meaningful Use requirements. For years he had been dissatisfied with the reliability and performance of his initial EMR choice. When he was told he needed to install new equipment throughout his clinic for the software to function effectively, he decided to make a change.

“We were using an EMR designed for family medicine. Even before Meaningful Use it slowed us down and updates were difficult,” Dr. Mehaffie said. “After the updates, I could barely teach myself the changes. It made documentation too slow for my providers. We had gone from paper to something that was too hard for urgent care.”

Searching for a new EMR, Dr. Mehaffie was mindful of mergers and acquisitions that were taking place in the software industry. “I wanted to find a strong company that I knew would not be sold off before we learned the system,” he said. “After talking with Practice Velocity at the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) conference, I was convinced that VelociDoc® and PVM were the best choice for my urgent care clinic.”

“Practice Velocity has given me freedom to think about growing my business. Since VelociDoc® is faster and easier to use, I no longer have to finish documentation after hours. I have been able to bring new providers on board and they can see more patients.”

— Doug Mehaffie, MD, The Urgent Care

Superior Performance

VelociDoc® EMR provides the necessary tools for fast, accurate documentation and coding. “Documentation is fast and when Practice Velocity has an update, the change is easy for my team.

There are even videos provided for each update,” Dr. Mehaffie said. “Since VelociDoc® was designed by a physician, the workflow works the way providers think about documentation. The steps are logical and easy to follow.”

VelociDoc® saves providers time by streamlining processes. “I like the e-prescribing functionality. A provider does not have to spend 15 minutes calculating pediatric doses of different medicines. It’s there for them in one click,” Mehaffie said.


Implementation of PV software has helped generate a 60 percent increase in patient visits. Telecheck Integration and Preauthorized Payment features make it easy to capture revenue. “We send out fewer statements now and are saving time and money. Best of all, our documentation is accurate and complete,” Dr. Mehaffie said. “VelociDoc® and PVM make processing claims, billing and posting payments easier.”

Since implementing the cloud-based Practice Velocity software, providers can log in from home, but Dr. Mehaffie rarely needs to work late to complete documentation. “Profits are up and using a fast, reliable software system has given me freedom. Before implementing Practice Velocity software, I had to work in the clinic on a daily basis,” he said. “Practice Velocity has helped us to be a better company. New urgent care centers have moved into our market, but we are known as the ‘fast clinic’ and I credit VelociDoc® and PVM for that.”

Dr. Mehaffie plans to open a second location in 2015. “We would not have been able to expand without Practice Velocity,” he said. “Urgent Care entrepreneurs should be using VelociDoc® EMR if they want to grow.”

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