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Pharmacy to Urgent Care

Baya Urgent Care

Business Problem

After operating an independent retail pharmacy for 30 years, Carl and Joan Allison decided to branch out and become urgent care entrepreneurs. To ensure the seamless addition of urgent care, they needed industry experts to guide them through the many complexities of the urgent care startup process.


Carl & Joan Allison


Baya Urgent Care & Pharmacy, Lake City, FL
Urgent care center opened in April 2014


Urgent Care Consultants

  • Site Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Staffing
  • Equipment Selection
  • HIPAA, OSHA & CLIA Compliance
  • Policies & Procedures


Practice Velocity

  • VelociDoc® EMR
  • PVMsm Practice Management
  • PV Billing
  • Contracting & Credentialing


  • Successful opening of urgent care center in five months
  • Accurate pro forma
  • Substantial time and cost savings
  • Realization of additional earnings through recommended opportunities
  • Efficient operations as a result of customized policy and procedure manuals
  • No ongoing franchise fees


As the owners of Lake City’s hometown pharmacy, Carl and Joan Allison already played a fundamental role in providing health care to their North Central Florida community. In 2014, they expanded the
Baya brand by opening an urgent care center.

As health care professionals, the Allisons understood in the early planning stages that they would require help with the development of their clinic. “We had no idea what opening an urgent care entailed,” Carl Allison said. “NMN Urgent Care Consultants and Practice Velocity were exactly what
we were looking for because they have the complete package including the contracting, credentialing, billing and software.”

“All of the people at Practice Velocity have been so professional, friendly and helpful. We would not have been able to do it without NMN Urgent Care Consultants. They exceeded our expectations.”

— Carl Allison, Baya Urgent Care

Avoiding Mistakes

After hiring Urgent Care Consultants, the Allisons attended the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) Convention in Las Vegas where they spent time with the Practice Velocity and UCC teams, and became confident that they’d made the right choice.

“When we went to that conference, we realized there was tremendous growth going on in the industry,” he said. “We looked at other consulting groups and talked to a lot of people. Everyone recommended Practice Velocity. All that had used Urgent Care Consultants for start up are really happy.”

Beyond providing the support to develop a business plan, obtain licensing, review clinic floor-plans and analyze the market, Urgent Care Consultants was on hand to assist with unforeseen issues. “Gathering information, particularly for our state licensing was very involved. Filling out the application required a lot of accounting expertise,” Allison said. “UCC helped our accountant understand the details of the business and assisted with the applications. They walked us through the processes step by step and gave us plenty of information.”

Continued Growth

Less than one year after opening, the clinic is averaging 15-20 patient visits per day. “Growth has been good and at the right pace to allow us to get up to speed with all of our employees and processes,” Allison said.

The Allisons were advised to view the clinic as a stand-alone business and were counseled on strategies for increasing revenue. Allison said, “In early startup, we realized there was potential for employer health services including worker’s compensation care, physicals and drug screening. UCC helped us start our employer health program in a short amount of time.” The Allisons are pleased with their progress and are considering adding another location.

“We would not have been able to do it without Urgent Care Consultants and Practice Velocity. If we had tried, the cost and time would have been much greater.”

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