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Premier Urgent Care

Premier Urgent Care

Business Problem

Dr. Wagner was looking for a more effective and efficient EMR, software and billing solution at his urgent care center. He switched from Practice Velocity and regretted the decision.

Co-Owner & Co-Founder

Dr. Cliff Wagner


Premier Urgent Care
Newington, CT


  • VelociDoc® EMR
  • PVMsm Practice Management
  • PV Billing


  • Easy-to-use and train staff members on the EMR
  • Confidence in the coding system
  • Speeds workflow
  • Training team knowledgeable & fun
  • Everyone is very friendly & helpful

Full Circle with Practice Velocity

Dr. Cliff Wagner signed on with Practice Velocity in 2013, completely sold on the VelociDoc® Urgent Care EMR software.

“It’s very user friendly, very intuitive,” Wagner said. “Also, the last page, the coding page really helps you understand where you stand and anything you may have forgotten in the chart.”

Wagner, a 25-year veteran of emergency medicine in Connecticut, was venturing into urgent care for the first time and learning new facets of the medical business. Unfortunately some poor communication from both ends early in the process caused Premier Urgent Care to leave Practice Velocity and sign on with a different software company.

“We left and went with another software vendor, and were just really not happy with their software, services, (and) with the billing,” Wagner said. “So we contacted Dr. Stern.”

“It’s very user friendly, very intuitive. One of the things I like personally, are the color-coded tabs at the top. They really help you understand where you are at and where you’re going to end up.”

— Dr. Cliff Wagner, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Premier Urgent Care

Training & Culture

Wagner said training at Practice Velocity’s headquarters exceeded expectations. The trainers offer videos and hands-on materials, and they work through the system at a customized pace.

“They (show you the system) from the very beginning basics and they just keep repeating and adding on and repeating and adding on, so you build up this memory for the product and it becomes very familiar and very easy to use,” Wagner said. “And they’re fun and have a great sense of humor.”

Compared to when he visited PV in 2013, Wagner said the new company headquarters are staggering, with the bright colors and vibrant culture. “Everybody here is very friendly, very helpful,” he said. “It just looks like a great place to work, so if my urgent care doesn’t work out I’m going to apply for a job.”

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