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Episode 21: Returned Mail

Episode 21: Returned Mail One of the most valuable but under-utilized metrics for urgent care billing is the number of statements returned as “undeliverable” by the post office. Returned mail is a lagging indicator of the accuracy of information entered into the...

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Episode 20: Corporate Culture

Episode 20: Corporate Culture In business, culture “fills the gap” between what front line staff is trained to do and the day-to-day situations that arise in the workplace. Frequently in business books, Southwest Airlines is profiled as an example of a remarkably...

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Episode 19: Phantom Income

Episode 19: Phantom Income When establishing a new business, it’s important to choose a legal structure that will minimize taxes, as well as to create a financial plan that assures sufficient cash flow to pay your taxes. “Phantom income” occurs in LLCs and S-Corps...

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Episode 18: Facility Checklist

Episode 18: Facility Checklist Patients evaluate their urgent care experiences using the same criteria as other service businesses, such as banks, restaurants, hotels, etc. But a key difference is that, as medicine, urgent care is a “blind product.” Meaning…patients...

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Episode 17: Patient Loyalty

Episode 17: Patient Loyalty Service businesses, including urgent care, are successful to the extent they can cultivate a following of loyal “fans” who not only use the center whenever a medical need arises, but tell others to do likewise. Because urgent care patients...

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