Practice Velocity is now

EMR Comparison Chart



Ease of Use

Physicians effortlessly navigate templates that are already specifically designed for urgent care.

Users struggle to learn, customize, and use a system that was not originally designed for urgent care. Previous diagnoses are difficult to find.

Implementation and Training

New customers receive individualized attention and return to full volume quickly after transitioning to VelociDoc. Trainers are experts, providing face-to-face support and practical answers.

Tedious training webinars are only provided online. Implementations may be difficult with costly IT requirements and ongoing operational challenges.


See more patients with seamless work flow and instantaneous screen loads.

Slow response times, with up to 10-second delays between clicks reduce clinic capacity, frustrate providers, and cut revenue.


Knowledgable U.S.-based support team available 365 days a year at no extra charge.

Telephone support may be unable to prioritize critical issues or address software challenges. Additional cost for after-hours support if available.


Truly integrated system works seamlessly. Lab and radiology interfaces are included in the cost of Practice Velocity software.

Interface failures and added cost may be routine. E-prescribing may be clunky, lab results often not visible, and faxing is not integrated.


More than 380 operational, financial and clinical reports are provided at no extra cost with Practice Velocity software.

Reports are unreliable and extra fees are required to access even the most basic reports.


Ease-of-use, documentation efficiency, and recommended coding result in maximum return on investment.

Costly to discover missing features, add-on costs, inefficient software and delays, and, over time, needed for providers to finish charts.


Modern SaaS design in the cloud with state-of-the-art database.

Archaic databases and original design for installed servers makes online ASP access slow and clunky.

*Based on actual comments from Practice Velocity customers and competing urgent care EMR customers.