Practice Velocity is now


Cliff Wagner, MD - Premier Urgent Care

Our Product

VelociDoc® works best because it is very intuitive has a lot of things to create your own charting style as you go through it…Chartlets look absolutely fabulous as well.

Cliff Wagner, MD - Premier Urgent Care

Our Training

…When we first started, there was some hesitancy in terms of how quickly we could learn it but the program made you feel really comfortable and you just felt like I can learn this really easily.

Cliff Wagner, MD - Premier Urgent Care

Our Atmosphere

Everybody here is very friendly, very helpful and it just looks like a great place to work. If my urgent care doesn’t work out I am going to apply for a job.

Cliff Wagner, MD - Premier Urgent Care

Our Competition

…we left and we went with another software vendor. We were just not happy with their services in terms of the software, the billing. It’s just really not what we liked…

“The best thing about VelociDoc is I can go to bed at night and not ever worry about an audit. Everything is documented. I couldn’t be happier that I chose PV. I looked at 112 other software options. And PV just blew me away. It’s a home run.”  Read More

Wayne Sebastiano, MD

Glendale Family Medicine

“Because it’s specifically designed for urgent care it really meets our urgent care needs. We have had experience with three other EMRs, and none of them compare with the efficiency of VelociDoc.”

John Ruskey, MD

Cape Regional Urgent Care

“Practice Velocity has really changed the dynamic of our office. We consider what we have to offer, essentially the best two minutes of a patient’s life—but it feels like 10 minutes. We can interact with the patient, get the essential information we need, and what our revenue cycle people need as well, and it all happens very quickly and effortlessly and painlessly.”

Dr. Jonathan Halpert

Prime Care

“Our prior billing company was a nightmare, so Practice Velocity has been awesome. They’re always there. There’s somebody to talk to you. Anytime you call, if you have any questions, there’s somebody live. They’re always willing to help.”

Carolyn Peterson

West Side Urgent Care

“Since VelociDoc was designed by a physician, the workflow works the way providers think about documentation. The steps are logical and easy to follow. … New urgent care centers have moved into our market, but we are known as the ‘fast clinic,’ and I credit VelociDoc and PVM for that.” Read More

Dr. Doug Mehaffe

Westbank Urgent Care

“As a physician using the software, and for my providers, I like the ease with which you can use it to see patients and complete care. As an owner and from the compliance side on thing, I like the accuracy at which we’re coding and billing.”

Dr. Michael Rothwell

Well-Key Urgent Care

“Practice Velocity allowed us to expand our business with system-wide integration, making it easier to add on new sites.”

Katrina Catto

President, Catto Group

Fletcher Shoemaker, NP - BestMed Urgent Care

On Our Expertise

…instead of panicking I picked the phone up and called Bonnie and unlike some of the other consultants Bonnie would answer the phone live and I would get an answer from her almost immediately and if not so then she would return my call with the information in very short order…

Fletcher Shoemaker, NP - BestMed Urgent Care

On Relationships with PV

When I called Practice Velocity…I am able to speak with someone live. If that particular person does not have the answer… which is very seldom…Then I am immediately directed to someone who can help me…

Fletcher Shoemaker, NP - BestMed Urgent Care

On VelociDoc® EMR

The software is very user friendly…there’s been some updates which makes it even more so. If I can do registration then anyone can do it. I really think you got a good product. For both the front side of registration and all the aspects of the charts and things that you can pull. All the small aspects that I didn’t even know were possible. The reports to pull at your fingertips…

Fletcher Shoemaker, NP - BestMed Urgent Care

On Our People

…the team here is exceptional. It is a wonderful place to be. Everyone has all the answers at hand which is very surprising. But the support here is as important, if not more so, than the actual EMR.