Practice Velocity is now

The 19.2 release for PV’s EMR is here! There are many new features and enhancements, which is why we couldn’t pick one to talk about. This release is focused on making workflows easier, bringing customization to users, and reducing clicks for providers. Here are some enhancements we’re excited about! 


Procedures/Supplies Tab Enhancement 

One of the leading enhancements for our EMR in this release is to for the Procedures and Supplies tab. There is now more customization than ever for users, along with a new modernized interface. Users can now set up custom sub-tabs within the Procedures and Supplies tab, making for easier workflows that are specific to the needs of their center. 

Before this release, users had to call our support team to set up custom tabs within Procedures and Supplies. Users can now do this themselves as they have the ability to choose which items display on their custom tabs and which practice or clinics the tabs will be available for. Users will not have access to edit the details of the items or the existing VLD default tabs. 


ICD10 Search 

Another new enhancement that has been made for PV EMR users is to the ICD10 code search. Users can now do an exact match search for an ICD10 code instead of searching through a list of possible matches, with both the PFSH and A&P tab. Whereas before users had to dig through search results to select ICD10 codes, users can now insert a specific code and search results will match it.  


ePrescribe Enhancement 

Improvements have also been made to the ePrescribe functionality. Experity product owners wanted to reduce clicks for users when prescribing medications within the EMR, especially when re-prescribing. SIG information in our EMR now flows into NewCrop, so re-prescribing has been reduced to as little as 4 clicks.

Another great enhancement is the flow of medication information into NewCrop even if the medication dosage is unknown. Medications that did not have a dosage were not flowing into NewCrop, which caused providers to not see interaction alerts when prescribing medications. Providers will now be alerted to medications in NewCrop, so patients can receive the best care possible. 


Date of Birth Search in PVM

A significant change in PVM that we wanted our users to be aware of is new search functionality when registering a patient. When searching for a patient with a first and last name, users also have to insert the date of birth. The DOB is required before you can register, eRegister, or choose an existing patient. Users can still search for a patient with a patient number or a social security number without entering in the DOB.