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VelociDoc is the only EMR created by urgent care experts who understand what it takes to keep a clinic productive and profitable. This urgent care EMR demo demonstrates just a few of the reasons why our software has been rated the 2018 KLAS Category Leader.

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dave Stern and I have been working in Urgent Care for over 25 years.  Over and over again I have heard providers ask me the same question.  Would it be possible to make an EMR that would simply get out of the way and let me take care of patients instead of spending all my time documenting on the patients chart.  Well Practice Velocity has heard that request and Practice Velocity has answers yes we can do that for you.  We’ve created the Chartlet functionality that allows you to do almost all your documentation of a patient visit when it is a routine patient visit from a single screen.  So let me show you how that would work.  For example I can see here in this clinic that Mary Michaels has come into the clinic she has a sore throat, she has a little bit of a fever of 100.2 and I can see that there was a strep screen that has been completed.  I know that that strep screen has been completed because that strep screen is in yellow.  If it was in red that means it was only ordered.  If it was green it would mean that not only are the results in there, but it has already been reviewed by the provider.  In this case though it’s in yellow I know that the test results are in there, and I simply open the chart.  Now when I walk into the room with Mary I can see that Mary already has a sore throat she has had it for three days and its constant and she rates it an eight over ten.  That’s already been documented in the triage note by the nurse.  So all I have to do is confirm that with the patient.

It is important to understand I need to document the HPI because CMS has said it is only compliant for the physician to do the HIP.  It is not okay for them to simply confirm it.  So I go in to Mary and I say, “Oh I understand Mary you have had a sore throat, it has been going for three days,  its constantly, and you rate it an eight over ten, and you say that sore throat, would you say its sharp or dull?”  And Mary says sharp.  I have now completed the HPI with just a few clicks. Now I go to the Chartlet screen.  The Chartlet is fully populated with the history of present illness over here, the review assistant here.  Only the positive on the review assistant are showing.  If I wanted to see all the items I could see that all these items have been documented as negative, but in actual fact I don’t need to do that because all I am looking at here is the positives.  The patient has a fever is the only positive in the review assistants.  And the highest temperature recorded at home was 101.2.  Past family social history on the right side of the screen is all documented.  I can see the patient is a type two diabetic.  She is on glyburide.  She is a police officer who only drinks moderately.  All that information has been documented by the nurse.  I had a glance I can see that.  Click on provider review all and I have now completed the past medical family social history, the review assistants, and I put in the HPI with just a few clicks.  I’m on the Chartlet screen.  I document the entire physical exam is normal and now that I have documented the entire physical exam is normal.  I just go in here to the pharyrix and document maybe that the tonsils actually have no exudate, but they are red and moderately swollen.  Those are just a few clicks.  I save that out.  I go over here and I see the strep screen is positive, because I see the plus in the yellow box.  I click on that with one click, and you can see that one click changes the box from yellow to green indicating that it has been reviewed.  I make a diagnosis of strep pharyngitis mark that there is no work up plan, and I did prescription drug management.  I might want to give the patient a work note saying the patient can be off work and return to work next Monday.

Once I entered that I am ready to do my e-prescribing.  I simply launch the prescription window, pick my doctors list, go down on my doctors list to the specific medication that I want to prescribe, and in this case I preset penicillin 500 mg tablet.  Two tablet by mouth via ID number  10.  One click I got that prescribed.  I review it just to make sure I haven’t missed any allergies or drug interactions.  I then transmit it to the pharmacy that is already preselected by the front desk and I have now finished my prescribing in the system.  So now I think you can see why Practice Velocity has been rated the number one urgent care year after year by real urgent care providers like you.  You can see that the Chartlet is fastest easiest way to chart a patient visit and we have much more functionality that is uniquely and specifically designed for urgent care.  So if you are interested in learning more pick up the phone or contact us on our website.  And we will be happy to show you all of the functionalities that we have in VelociDoc that makes an Urgent Care more efficient and allows you to focus on taking care of patients instead of documenting in your EMR.  Thank you!


Fast. You can document patient visits in under two minutes thanks to customizable complaint-driven templates.


Reliable. Over 99.99% uptime means VelociDoc® can be depended upon when you need it.


Easy. We offer quick installation and setup, ongoing training, and customer support 365 days a year.


Integrated. VelociDoc is integrated with LabCorp/Quest and Teleradiology Specialists for faster, more accurate reporting. It’s also connected with in-clinic drug dispensing and e-prescribing systems.


ROI. On average, clinics who switch to VelociDoc make $10-12 more per patient visit. For some that figure is much higher.

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“…we are known as the ‘fast clinic,’ and I credit VelociDoc and PVM for that.”

Doug Mahaffie, MD

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