Practice Velocity is now

Pre-Authorized Patient Payment

Pre-authorized patient payment speeds collections, improves patient satisfaction, and reduces delinquent accounts.

With Practice Velocity’s Pre-Authorized Patient Payment, your urgent care will be able to quickly and easily collect patient balances and close invoices, decreasing days in A/R and boosting patient satisfaction.

With more insurance companies encouraging individuals to go with a high-deductible plan, receiving swift payment is vital to your center. Our pre-authorized payment feature makes it easier to collect patient payments.



  • Reduce staff time spent collecting patient balances
  • Streamline the patient paying experience


  • Diminish costs associated with patient statements

  • Decrease days spent in A/R

How it Works:

Practice Velocity’s Pre-Authorized Patient Payment ensures smooth and cost-effective revenue cycle management from the moment the patient enters your urgent care center. When the patient signs the authorization form and swipes their card, a reserve is placed for a pre-set amount. Unlike other retail settings that place holds on a customer’s card, this feature simply reserves the right for your urgent care to charge the card at a future date after administering care.

Once the patient’s responsible balance is determined typically no more than 90 days after the visit date, the patient receives an automatic email stating that their card is going to be charged, giving them enough time to call your center and discuss the charges if needed.

Pre-Authorized Payment