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PV DOT is the total exam solution designed for DOT-certified Medical Examiners and Occupational Health Professionals to manage a wide range of exams, tests, and screenings including DOT physical forms.

PV DOT Automatically transmits the data to the Department of Transportation for each completed exam.

  • Automatic FMCA certificate upload
  • Electronic 5875 Long Form
  • Print ME certificates (5876)
  • Share info with clients via Client Portal
  • Document management & reporting
Browser-based forms

Browser-based forms

  • Streamlines the process to complete your standard forms electronically using any browser
  • Guides you through each section of the form and alerts you to missing info
  • Double checks critical conditions to reduce errors
  • Utilizes easy to use drop-down lists for common medications and frequently used comments
  • Uploads data automatically to the FMCSA quickly and accurately for DOT physicals
  • Eliminates the need to log in to the National Registry site
  • Gives you data entry web form to easily enter the 5876 information
Document Management

Document Management

  • Stores all completed documents and forms types in electronic packets for each employee, driver, or patient
  • Scan and upload the paper forms and related documentation using bar code separator sheets
  • Retain documents in our secure cloud for easy search and retrieval anytime you need them
  • Eliminate paper files and folders
Revenue Management

Revenue Management

  • Run reports, retain complete history and audit trails and export data and billing information for all services
  • Send reminders and notifications to get appointments scheduled before certifications expire

Client Access Portal

Secure access to PV DOT allows your clients to:

  • Manage lists of employees
  • Edit employee information
  • Request appointments
  • View status or results of exams and testing
  • View forms
  • Print documents

Ease of Use

  • Eliminate the need for paper forms
  • Easily complete the required standard forms electronically using any browser
  • Access from any device with a browser and internet connection
  • Offers unlimited support during regular business hours