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Mistake #22 — Ignoring Ancillary Income Sources

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.
— Benjamin Franklin

Ancillary income can account for up to twenty-five percent of the income of your startup urgent care center. Early on, it is unlikely to make the difference between financial success and failure, but finding appropriate ancillary sources can improve profitability and provide improved patient care and customer service in urgent care. Here are a few ancillary services, offered by some urgent care centers:

Pre-packaged Medication Dispensing: Some states (for example, New York) have such severe restrictions on medication dispensing that restricts the feasibility of offering this service to patients. In states that allow an urgent care center to dispense medication, however, you can increase center revenue and improve convenience for the patient by stocking basic generic medications in your startup urgent care.

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Practice Velocity has integrated its software with the online eDRx software to provide a single point of patient demographic entry at urgent care registration. This software integration significantly increases the efficiency of medication dispensing for urgent care and occupational medicine patients. Urgent Care Consultants has negotiated excellent prices for urgent care purchasing of pre-packaged medications. A side benefit is that providers will be less likely to prescribe expensive brand name medications when they are not indicated.

Physical Therapy: Once your urgent care builds a significant amount of workers compensation business, many of these patients will benefit from physical therapy. If you offer physical therapy within your urgent care center, you will be able to coordinate the recovery and return to work of these patients.

MRI / CT Scans / Ultrasound: Leasing facilities to perform studies on your patients will allow you to schedule prompt appointments for your patients and
to ensure high quality studies and radiology readings. One example of a company that specializes in mobile imaging leasing is Mobile Leasing. Recent changes in interpretation of state laws and other regulations may make leasing for imaging studies more difficult. Make sure you invest in legal reviews of your contracts by lawyers with full knowledge of Stark laws, state laws, and any other applicable laws or regulations.