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Urgent Care Software Training

Taken to the next level

All Practice Velocity clients easily agree on one thing: They’ve never had training quite like ours. We host free onsite training each month at PV Headquarters.

While urgent care software training is the focus of each session, attendees also get to experience the Practice Velocity culture. (Think on-site barista and dancing breaks.) Trainees dine with PV leadership and have the opportunity to network with other PV customers. Plus, you can connect with the rest of the PV team (Software Support, Billing Support, Contracting & Credentialing, Billing Team, and UCC) since the crew is based here at headquarters.

Our expert trainers layer lessons based on real-life case scenarios for the EMR and practice management systems. The multi-day training builds up user skills gradually. Hands-on instruction allows new users to quickly understand the urgent care software. This makes implementation a breeze.

We take feedback seriously! Our trainers solicit feedback after every session and continuously revise and improve our training curriculum to empower clients to be knowledgeable and successful.

Sharing the software lessons

When attendees take the lessons back to their clinic, they are able to share training tips. And most report their coworkers pick up on the easy-to-use urgent care software systems within hours.

Clients have access to free, how-to user guides and manuals, videos, training materials, and pvLearning (eLearning) resources through the “Help Resources” section of PVM. Videos provide walk-through instruction at the pace the client needs.

Practice Velocity hosts an annual Users Conference with informative sessions on software upgrades, current trends, and the keys to success in urgent care. Our ongoing webinar sessions educate clients on changes in the urgent care software and other issues.

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