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Urgent Care Marketing Playbook

Having the newest facility, latest technology, and best staff isn’t enough if your urgent care center doesn’t draw enough patients to turn a profit. You need an effective marketing strategy to grow patient volume. That’s where we come in.

Our Urgent Care Marketing Playbook offers tips for developing and executing a winning strategy to effectively market your urgent care center. Sign up below for your free copy of the e-book.

Cut Lob

Operating in an underserved space

Call An Audible

Serving out-of-towners in urgent care

Intentional Walk

Neutralize threats to your urgent care brand

Pick and Roll

Promote a common cause in marketing to health clubs

The Infield Shift

Position your urgent care center to “catch” the most patients

The Lay Up

Prime positioning at community events attracts new patients

Full Court Press

An aggressive team effort to educate the community about your urgent care

The Statue of Liberty

Use nontraditional outreach to nonprofits, churches and ethnic groups

The Safety Blitz

Blanket the schools in your area with an aggressive value proposition