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Urgent Care Practice Management Reports: Know the vital signs of your urgent care clinic

PVM’s robust reporting enables you to run your clinic at optimum efficiency and maximize reimbursement for your urgent care center. With PVM, you have access to over 370 urgent care practice management reports, allowing you to assess every aspect of the operation of your center. Through our standard reports, you can:

Billing & Collection

Monitor the health of your accounts receivable

Evaluate your payer mix

Track revenue back to the month that the visit occurred

Analyze reimbursement to make sure you’re paid at contracted rates

Track CPT codes to analyze ancillary utilization (labs, x-rays, drug dispensing, etc.)

Marketing & Operations

Track visit types; know where your patients are coming from and why

Monitor patient time in clinic from registration to vitals, vitals to discharge, or registration to discharge

Visits per hour—know when to extend hours

Evaluate throughput times—provider productivity

Assess provider coding mix

“The transparency that Practice Velocity gives to business performance is so powerful. The financial analytics, reporting and batch work that I can create are critical features. I can see what’s going on in my business and make adjustments very quickly.”

Donna Schmidt

CEO, Pearl City Urgent Care, Hawaii

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