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Urgent Care Mega Trend #1: Hospital ownership of urgent care centers

Hospitals are buying existing urgent care centers in their communities, adding urgent care services to their primary care and pediatric practices, launching joint ventures with urgent care center owners, and partnering with retailers to enter the urgent care market. The primary challenge in these relationships will be the opposing goals of the partners; urgent care center owners will want to keep operations lean and generate revenue, and hospital administrators will be focused on increasing referrals to affiliated specialists and generating admissions.

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Alan Ayers, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, expands on this trend in this post: “It’s a Win-Win for Healthcare as Hospital Systems Acquire Urgent Care Centers.” The Hospital Corporation of America is making moves to add dozens of urgent care centers to its network. And PV client Dr. John Soud talks about the benefits he’s seen since Dallas-based Christus Health System partnered in 2015 with his four urgent care centers in Louisiana and Arkansas.