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Urgent Care Mega Trend #5: Occupational Medicine is a shrinking business

Workplaces are safer than ever before and the economy is shifting from manufacturing to service and technology. The resulting reduction in the number of worker injuries is prompting the end of the formerly lucrative dedicated occ med clinic business. With the closure of these clinics comes a great opportunity for urgent care centers able to successfully manage the addition of occupational medicine as a complement to their existing business. Urgent care center owners should be cautious and seek expert guidance if they decide to offer occupational health services.

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While the shift away from workplace injuries is good news overall, its cut down the demand for traditional occupational medicine. Alan Ayers, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, outlines in this blog post “How to Grow Urgent Care Occupational Medicine in a Suburban Setting.” Since most urgent care growth is taking place in the suburbs, it make sense to model your occ med program around the businesses and services offered in those areas.