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Urgent Care Mega Trend #6: New markets for urgent care are gaining strength

Every urgent care center business will plateau and eventually begin to decline. To succeed, business owners and operators must plan for growth and explore new urgent care markets. Three particularly hot markets at present include rural communities, urban markets and ethnic neighborhoods. Rural markets represent an enormous opportunity for new urgent care center start up. These communities have been without healthcare resources for years and welcome entrepreneurs with quality services. The number of highly urban markets are limited, but urgent care centers focused on meeting the needs of urban dwellers are expanding in these locations at the expense of more limited retail clinics. Urgent care centers with services designed to meet the needs of ethnic populations can find great opportunities in city and suburban locations. Eighty percent of urgent care center success is based on location. To avoid failing before you begin, seek expert assistance in identifying an optimal location. Practice Velocity has developed an algorithm that can predict urgent care center success for locations anywhere in the United States.

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In thinking about exploring a new urgent care market, it’s important to consider the variables. In his “Top 25 Urgent Care Startup Mistakes,” Dr. David Stern, CEO, offers cautionary advice. Most applicable to this Mega Trend is “Mistake #5: Selecting a Site Where Adequate Urgent Care Access Already Exists.” Read this and the other 24 mistakes here.